Laboratory on the fingertips:Revolution in Healthcare

Microbioz India, June, 2017 Issue

Cover Story : “Laboratory on the fingertips:Revolution in Healthcare"

Laboratory on the fingertips:Revolution in Healthcare

Technology has always been a driving force for improvements in healthcare. With new innovations and techniques, people can now monitor their health more often at the comfort of their own homes without wasting their precious time and money in commuting to and fro the clinics.

These new techniques with increased accessibility to early diagnosis and treatment are not only safer and time-saving but more reliable as well. Microbioz India’s current issue’s cover story ‘Laboratory on the fingertips: Revolution in Healthcare’, authored by Bhawana Jain, M.Tech- Biotech & Editor- Microbioz India highlights the importance of these techniques in day-to-day lives of people who are vulnerable to diseases or have a history of a particular disease in their ancestors.

The cover story also focuses how people can utilize these diagnostic techniques to keep a check on the various health parameters of the body. To read more, please turn to the cover story.

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A crisp discovery to further strengthen human control over microbe physiology


The magazine has included a featured story on ‘A crisp discovery to further strengthen human control over microbe physiology’ authored by Abhishek Gogna, B.Sc. Agriculture, G.B.P.U.A.T

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Study on Alzheimer links brain health with physical activity

A new UW-Madison study has found that people at risk for Alzheimer's disease who do a more moderate-intensity physical activity, but not light-intensity physical activity show healthy patterns of glucose metabolism in their brain.

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Broccoli extract could help slash diabetics

Many people do not like to eat vegetables, but soon doctors may start to prescribe broccoli says a new study carried out by the researcher at the University of Guthenberg.

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Combination therapy is powerful in treating cancer: Research

An international team of researchers has found a new and unique approach to improving the anti-cancer effect of a new medicine class called 'Smac mimetics'.