Prebiotics and Probiotics the avengers of Colon Neuro Microbiome

Microbioz India, February, 2017 Issue

Cover Story : “Prebiotics and Probiotics the avengers of Colon Neuro Microbiome"

Prebiotics and Probiotics the avengers of Colon Neuro Microbiome

Dear friends and readers, a heartfelt thanks to you all for showering your love and blessing for Microbioz India and making this journey amazingly beautiful so far.

It is my great pleasure that I am again ready to present before you yet another issue of Microbioz India. It is a “Health Special Issue” so as to bring forth the importance of Prebiotics & Probiotics in our lives.

The cover story which is titled ‘Prebiotics and Probiotics- the avengers of Colon-Neuro-Microbiome’ is authored by Mr. Sudershan Mishra who is currently pursuing his Masters’ degree at GBPUA&T Pantnagar, Uttarakhand. The article focusses on how food supplements when taken under suitable recommendations at consistent doses can actually act as putative medicines in maintaining gut homeostasis.

Inside this issue

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Size of mitochondria matters when it comes to maintaining blood sugar levels

To manage any type of diabetes be it Type 1 or Type 2, we need to keep blood sugar levels within a safe range.

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3-D beating heart created by researchers of York University

Matters related to heart might seem to be complicated but researchers of the York University have made a way by creating 3D heart tissue that beats in synchronized harmony, much like a heart in love, that will help us to better understand the cardiac health and improved treatments.

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Reason behind the causation of severe illness by a common bacterium

We cannot ignore the fact that even though we try to avoid as much as we can, we share a lot of bacteria constantly with those around us.

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Advanced microbial solutions for aquaculture management

In the backdrop of sudden population explosion, food security threatens the lives of the future generations.