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Microbioz India invites interested Authors/Writers for writing articles, news story for Microbioz India magazines and website.

Subject Area

As theme concern of the magazine submitted article should match with subjects background mention here.

* Microbiology: Research and Development
* Health Science: Current discoveries and Awareness
* Laboratory Science: Inside laboratory News, Information includes clean room, Bio-Safety 
* Biotech & Pharma: Research news and Development in Present Scenario

Note the following

Before writing articles or news story, please note the following

The article should not contain any plagiarized content.
Article must be original and self written,with concern pictures with high resolution and jpg format.Concern news should be recent and related with research and development in the subject area given above.Do not submit any Research article only current research news story or article showing recent trends and development in concern area.

How to submit

Submission is an easy process here in Microbioz India you can submit an article through the mail: editor@microbiozindia.com  after following instructions of submission.

For any type of inconvenience while submitting a news story please write to me:support@microbiozindia.com, microbiozindia@gmail.com