An Interview with Mr. Yogesh Mudras

An Interview with Mr. Yogesh Mudras


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  • Date: 31 October, 2018

Yogesh Mudras leads and manages the entire India operations of UBM plc -- one of the world's leading organiser of dynamic business-to-business (B2B) events headquartered in London – especially driving its strategy, business development and key client relationships. Within just ten years of its inception, UBM India finds itself firmly positioned as the nation’s leading live media and events that engages people and enriches businesses.

At UBM India, Yogesh’s repertoire of businesses is extensive and includes large format B2B exhibitions, conferences, seminars, Business Intelligence, and other properties that serve multiple key markets such as Pharmaceuticals, Jewellery, Security and Homeland Security, Occupational Safety, Children, Baby Care and Maternity, Renewable and Nuclear Energy, Food Ingredients, World of Facilities, Hospitality & Tourism, amongst others.

A seasoned professional with a deep knowledge of the exhibition business, Yogesh was previously Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company for 5 years, before being appointed in his current designation in March 2015. He has driven UBM India’s business with noteworthy acquisitions, much talked about launches, business development and database enhancement, and a refreshed workforce.

Creativity and a constant quest to be innovative has been the backbone of the CPhI & P-MEC and the direct reason for its stupendous growth asked by Mr. Yogesh Mudras, Managing Director, UBM in recent interview with Microbioz India magazine for publication in October 2018 issue of the magazine. .

His strategic and innovative thinking, an innate understanding of people and the financial and legal ramifications of business decisions, and his passion for the development of India Inc. injects his team with enthusiasm and a strong will to grow organically in these exciting – if uncertain -- times.

Prior to UBM India, Yogesh was associated with VFS Global (part of Swiss-based Kuoni Travels) in the travel & tourism sector where he was the Assistant Vice President, Finance, and was instrumental in successfully negotiating the global visa outsourcing contract of the UK Government’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office which established VFS’s presence in 42 countries across the globe.

Previously, Yogesh has had fruitful and insightful stints in the shipping industry, heading Finance for Western India for the Japanese shipping major, Mitsui OSK Lines as well as the Shipping Corporation of India, the biggest shipping company in India, where he started his corporate career in 1998, and was responsible for the creation of annual financial statements, audits & automation of systems & processes.

Yogesh is a qualified Chartered Accountant & a Certified Public Accountant (USA) He is a Law Graduate and a Bachelors of Commerce from Mumbai University, besides additionally completing a Business Leadership Programme from the Duke University (USA). He is an Associate Member of Insurance Institute of India, specialising in Marine Insurance & a certified ISO 9001 auditor.

Yogesh is an ardent sports follower and a fitness aficionado who loves to hone his competitive spirit by swimming and playing tennis regularly.

Here are few points of interaction with Mudras ,

Microbioz India :How would you choose the venue/location for an event? What are your priorities after choosi ng the venue/location?

Yogesh Mudras : The choice of venue and location depends on a fine-tuned strategy that factors in the reputation and magnitude of the show, the major markets for the range of products on exhibit, the governmental policies surrounding the subject of the expo and several other direct and indirect factors. In the case of our flagship engagement platform, the CPhI &P-MEC India, it has grown to become one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical networking event. Ever since its 10th anniversary in India, the show has become an intrinsic part of the much feted India Pharma Week (IPW), which is a week-long celebration of India’s pharmaceutical industry. The IPW is widely publicised on a national and international scale and annually brings together more than 70,000 attendees including domestic policy makers and global experts from over 125 countries. Industry experts recognise it as a prodigious show that fosters domestic and international alliances, research, policy and futuristic innovations.

In Mumbai, the expo had started being organized in the two venues of the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon as well as the MMRDA Grounds, Bandra Kurla Complex. However, given the stupendous growth of the show, the infrastructural challenges in Mumbai were making it impossible to host a show of the stature and size of CPhI & P-MEC what with traffic directives, and venues being unavailable due to Metro and Bullet train work. Travel logistics aside, we felt it would be extremely beneficial to have a bigger, consolidated venue that offered the entire spectacle under one umbrella. Accordingly, from this year, the IPW will be held from 9th -14th December, 2018 (with the CPhI & P-MEC expo being held from 12th to 14th December) at the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida to create grander business experiences. Besides, being in close geographical proximity to policy makers, consulates and government bodies, the show is poised to enhance the industry’s community building efforts. Just to give an idea, while the Mumbai locations had a combined of 80,000 sqm, the new location has an availability of 235,000 sqm.

Microbioz India :Tell me about how has this project (CPHI) has forced you to be innovative & creative.

Yogesh Mudras : Creativity and a constant quest to be innovative has been the backbone of the show and the direct reason for its stupendous growth. From its initial days, the CPhI & P-MEC India, geolocated from the global CPhI & P-MEC brand, was a force to reckon with, and its contribution to the growth of the Indian Pharma industry has been second to none. However, over the years, we recognised that we had reached a saturation point that was beginning to limit the potential of the show. Being a wall bound expo, we could not accommodate new exhibitors as there was no scope for expansion of space at the current venue. Consequently, the waiting list of new exhibitors kept growing longer with each passing year. Besides, the wall bound situation and the current venue also posed sponsorship related challenges.

On the occasion of CPhI India’s 10th Anniversary, we decided to do something special for all our stakeholders who have been with us throughout this journey and break free from the wall bound situation. The grand India Pharma Week was introduced, celebrating ten years of success in one week of glory at multiple venues. Through it, we offered attendees a mutli-faceted pharma festival offering a range of platforms to cater to various requirements- Business, Leadership, Knowledge, Innovation, Recognition & Networking. Some of the special highlights included the Pharma Connect Congress, CPhI & P-MEC expo, CEO Roundtable, Pharma Leaders’ Golf, Factory Visit, The India Pharma Awards, and Women Leaders in Pharma. These different facets also synergised with key governmental initiatives like Make in India, Start Up India, Skill India, and act as a catalyst to raise the bar further for the nation as a global engine for the sector.

This year, the third edition of the week-long India Pharma Week will be held this year at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. An elite congress such as the one we have at the IPW deserves superlative infrastructure and facilities that we are confident the chosen venue will impart. We are sure the move will prove truly beneficial and convenient for the vast magnitude of exhibitors and visitors as they will get to experience the show and all its verticals under a single roof without needing to factor in the travel and meeting logistics that the previous locations had posed. The entire shift has posed a lot of creative and logistic challenges which the team has risen to, extremely efficiently.

Microbioz India :What would be your thought regarding the implementation of GST and change of location from Mumbai to Noida, Delhi ,in the market and how it would impact CPhI and P-mec

Yogesh Mudras : The implementation of the GST has not made any impact on CPhI & P-MEC expo per se. The pharma industry is one of the most organized industry and the GST seems to have been seamlessly adopted in the sector. Besides, many pharma companiess focus equally on export markets, making the impact lower.

As mentioned previously, the sheer size and world class facilities is bound to help the magnum opus further develop and nurture a complete pharma ecosystem in the sectoral pockets of the North, along with growing the show globally and nationallly. Besides, one cannot overlook the fact that the Delhi-NCR region is becoming the powerhub of the country, and the proximity to the power epicenter helps further the cause and mission of the expo. The region is also the hub of consulates in India, besides affording seamless connectivity to the commercial capitals around the world.

Microbioz India :What new will be offered at this year’s India Pharma Week?

Yogesh Mudras : With every edition of the IPW, we are keen to push the national agenda forward and break new frontiers, while offering our attendees the much loved regular features. For instance, within the realm of the IPW, the CEO Roundtable stands out as one of the most distinguished and successful events. For the last 2 years, the exclusive, closed-door CEO Roundtable has been eminently successful as a strategic gathering of CEOs of the nation’s leading Pharma companies who deep dive into thought-provoking discussions on subjects. The recommendations from elite thought leaders results in a White Paper Report that is presented to policy makers and the power corridors of the nation.This year, we move forward the country’s agenda of Making India an uncontested Pharma Supergiant for the first time, to international shores, at CPhI Worldwide, in Madrid where eminent CEOs from the industry will participate in Discussion 1: ‘The Global Perspective’. This will subsequently be followed by Discussion 2: ‘National Perspective’ at the India Pharma Week in Greater Noida. Both the discussions will form an integral part of the 3rd edition of the CEO Roundtable.

Again, while India is renowned as the pharmacy hub of the world, and the Indian pharma economy lauded for its rapid growth, the industry is at a very crucial juncture in its growth trajectory. Certain challenges continue to surround it including a shortage of highly skilled talent. This year, we are shining the spotlight and handpicking young talent with a Paper presentation whereby a well-renowned jury panel picks top post graduate students to present their thesis on the pharma industry, and the winners will be feted during the Awards night. Besides, we also have included a special Masterclass, a new feature of the IPW, that will comprise prominent speakers from top organizations in a platform for knowledge sharing.

Microbioz India :What makes CPhI and P-mec different from other trade fairs?

Yogesh Mudras : CPhI &P-MEC is UBM’s flagship engagement platform, and the world’s leading Pharmaceutical networking event. The show is the epitome of India’s strength in the Pharma industry and has consistently grown to serve as an exclusive congregation of key global players across the pharmaceutical sector. CPhI & P-Mec India 2018 is expected to witness a record participation of 1523 exhibitors from 26 countries, spread over an area of 75,000 sq metre.

As mentioned earlier, with the introduction of the India Pharma Week, we succeeded in bringing about an unparalleled thought leadership, community building and knowledge sharing experience that stands out from any other fair. By organising such a signature show in India, the CPhi-PMEC under the aegis of the India Pharma Week firmly establishes the country as an impressive hub and global destination for the sector. The show is also widely publicised on a national and international scale.

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