Tiny Mart Mobile App

Tiny Mart Mobile App


  • Post By : Kumar Jeetendra
  • Source: Tiny Mart
  • Date: 04 April, 2017

An android app to generate leads and sales of your Laboratory or medical equipment brand.

Why Need IT?

In simple terms, TinyMart is a Global Market for Laboratory & Medical Equipments.

Her global presence and relationships with international traders in United States, Europe, Middle East and South Asian countries would help to generate business leads for you.

As simple as it sounds, “International Business Leads” on your finger tips.

Some of elegant features of TinyMart are:

1. World’s Best B2B trade facilitator for Laboratory & Medical Equipments.
2. Provide Access to International Business Leads
3. Get ‘Best Product’ at ‘Best Price’ from ‘Best Sellers’ across the world.
4. Call Directly and Make Deals with One Touch.
5. No Masked Numbers or any Fake Leads. All Sellers details exposed and transparent.
6. Choose from Thousands of laboratory products worldwide.

We try to ensure genuineness of data and best business in the world.

If you wish to obtain our support and care for your business and growth, click on the download application and connect with us and thousands of fellow sellers and buyers across the globe.

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  1. business@tinymartgroup.com

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