Is your hospital website good enough to attract patients?

Is your hospital website good enough to attract patients?


  • Post By : Mr. Mohammed Ilias
  • Date: 04 June, 2018

18 essentials on your website that can attract the right patients, doctors and employees to grow further.

Website of a hospital is the heart of a healthcare business’s online presence. A website is a lot more than a page on the net that carries information about you, it is a space that presents your healthcare business’s wholesome picture and gives the best insight into your healthcare institution. There are different components that make a great hospital website; equal amount of attention to each of these will result in a website that equally works hard for your hospital. .

1. About the organization
A good hospital website has to convey every detail from what the hospital has been till what it has grown into. A hospital’s growth chart directly influences the level of trust it has had among people. Each milestone that your healthcare business has marked should carry a special place in your online presence. It should also talk about the management team along with the mission and vision.

2. Cover your hospital infra in-depth
A modern and self explanatory method of projecting the best image about your hospital is now possible through 360 degree photography and videos that explain your cutting edge technology and latest equipments that details your infrastructural capabilities. People would make use of your resource fullness only when you let them know about it.

3. Heroes of your hospital
Every hospital has that one doctor who is the face of the hospital. When the hero of your hospital is highlighted well, it means that you are playing your strength. Introduce not just your hero but also your sub-heroes, when people look for a provider they also want to know the team that will treat them which increases the reliability.

4. Spell out your specialties
People come to you for your niche specialty and experience. Make your specialty specific treatments more of a topic to make your website more informative, identify problems that you are capable of rectifying and then talk about. The more you talk about it, the more easy it is for a prospect who needs that solution to find you.

5. Develop your contact points
Your contact points are the direct channels that bring people who need you to you. So keep your contact points accessible, reliable and appealing across all platforms. Create chat pop-ups, online forms, click and talk facilities in your hospital website. Document every approach that came via these channels, record them and backtrack to avoid patient leakages.

6. Opportunities window
Your website should carry enough space that facilitate the growth of your institution from all aspects. Exclusive categories in opportunities window will let you hire the best minds, separate windows for doctors, vendors and investors will make your recruitment process and partnership process more cost and time effective.

7. Keep well designed treatment packages
Designing your treatment packages and including them in your hospital website will increase the chances of your potential patients choosing you, as treatment packages increase confidence in patients due to their transparency. 

8. Showcase your case studies
Including case studies will make your organisation’s website information more reliable. Case studies of how your service has changed people’s lives are effective to give your potential patients an initial confidence to rely on your service and also establishes your niche specialisation.

9. Cover testimonials
Your patients tell the best stories about your brand. The biggest advantage behind testimonials is that they are by patients to potential patients, allowing them to narrate their story helps you win the game. The more real it is, the more reliable it gets.

10. Get international patients
Making your hospital website international patient friendly is important as the rate of patients flying down to India to get specialized care and treatment is high. Talk about the hospitality in your hospital. Make exclusive content for international patients that easily guides them to opt you.

11. Have FAQs section
A comprehensive hospital website has to answer the questions that people have in mind and are asking regularly. Giving perfectly reliable and verifiable information directly from the organisation’s side reduces the confusion for your target audience and increases trust.

12. Develop knowledge centre
Share the knowledge about your discipline through blogs and posts to let them know how much you care to share. Give them enough bits of information on daily lifestyle practices and simple health tips that promote wellness specific to your speciality for increased effectiveness.

13. Start CSR activities
Giving an insight about how socially responsible you are can prove to be rewarding as majority of patients want their healthcare brands to be socially responsible.

14. Online payment options
Facilitating online payments will make your patient’s experience a hassle free one, online payment is one such option where you minimize your patient’s efforts.

15. Online appointment booking
Booking appointments online makes your patients get to you with more clarity, gives them an inner satisfaction that they’ll not have to wait for long or walk pillar to post to get the service they need.

16. List insurance service providers
Your website needs to cover the comprehensive list of insurance service providers which are partnered with you, it becomes easy for the patients to claim.

17. Refer a patient section
When your patient or others want to refer your hospital to those in need this exclusive ‘refer a patient’ section can prove to be quite useful in generating qualified referrals.

18. One page in regional language
It is a good practice to add one page in regional language which will help you a lot in the local search process. As the regional language search is increasing it will be easy for your prospects to locate without any language barrier.

A good hospital website is a path paved to lead you to people with needs and requirements that align with your area of specialty, the best portrayal of your institution in the online medium will make you the most preferred healthcare provider. Hospital website is the space where one can get a basic overview of your services and one can also get a deep insight into your hospital. Combining every element that increases your factor of reliability and pushes your target audience forward to perceive your brand as their choice can easily happen with a strong hospital website.

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