Unlock cleaning procedure of Pharma manufacturing equipments

Microbioz India, March, 2019 Issue

Cover Story : “Unlock cleaning procedure of Pharma manufacturing equipments"

Unlock cleaning procedure of Pharma manufacturing equipments

Dear friends and readers, I hope you would have enjoyed reading our previous issue. Once again, I am delighted to bring for you the March 2019 edition of Microbioz India magazine, supported by the cover story titled Unlock cleaning procedure of Pharma manufacturing equipments: Better pharma quality control by editorial team of Microbioz India magazine.

The cover story features A Quality Management System necessitates forethought into the myriad number of variables that must be managed in a Corrective Action, Preventative Action (CAPA) approach. A well thought out cleaning, disinfection and decontamination program for the pharmaceutical manufacturing environment is one of the fundamental components of a successful operation.

Added to this, the current edition has a special featured article Metal detector silicone rubber by Amipolymer Pvt Ltd the article includes, Silicone elastomer based on polydialkyl siloxane is one of most curtail material use in most critical application like medical industry, food industry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, microbiological research and as well as in prosthetic application owing to its biocompatibility.

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ZEISS ZEN Core Software Suite Offers New Analysis and Connectivity Modules

ZEISS ZEN core is a powerful software suite for microscopy imaging, automated analyses, and multi-modal workflows in connected materials laboratory environments. With the new release, materials researchers are now even more efficient.

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Waters Addresses Increasing Demands for Higher Performing Materials with New TA Innovations at Pittcon

Waters Corporation has announced the availability of a range of new TA Instruments™ innovations headlined by the Discovery™

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Renishaw Technology Used to Identify Microplastics in the Environment

Could rubber and plastic from tyres, washing into rivers and streams, be contributing to pollution in waste water? A group of scientists from Denmark are using a system from Renishaw to find out.

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Biogen investors worst fears have come true with the failure of its phase three Alzheimers

Biogen investors’ worst fears have come true with the failure of its phase 3 Alzheimer’s prospect, and now, it may be “buy or be bought” time for the Big Biotech.